Creativity meets marketing savvy

An eye for design, a focus on profit

My name is Salley Jefferies and I set up Styled to Sell after years of renovating and staging my own properties in Auckland. Combined with my experience in marketing and logistics, this makes me uniquely positioned to stage homes to attract the right buyers – and the best prices.

Staging – it’s not personal

I find people who get the best results are the ones who are able to see home staging as marketing, not personal. It’s about trusting in the process – and in me – to get the best purchase price for your home.

Choosing from my extensive collection of furniture and homeware, or using my connections to borrow just the right piece, I’ll ensure that your home captures hearts. It’s about design of course, but staging a home for sale is very different to interior decorating. As soon as your home hits the market it becomes a product, and the decor needs are different from your day-to-day living.

Create your buyer’s perfect home

Your home must feel like their home the moment they step inside. It’s about the emotional – I create places in your home that encourage people to linger and imagine. But it’s also about the practical – set up your live/work areas to suit your buyers’ style, and they’ll immediately see their lives in your home. Then it’s a matter of pulling these elements together in a cohesive style that suits your home, but importantly, doesn’t feel staged.

Buyers are quick to judge – use my eye for profit to enhance your home’s features, maximise all of its spaces and make your photos stand out in a search.

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